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The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, a division of the Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability at the University of Illinois, is providing a series of informative workshops on how an organization can become more “green” to protect the environment and save money. We are in the process of attaining CEUs for these workshops. The workshops are open to large and small businesses, organizations, municipalities, etc. ISTC professionals present morning or afternoon sessions at community colleges throughout Illinois in order to reach a diverse audience. 

Please see our calendar for a list of seminars and contact information for seminars being offered in your area.

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Introduction to Practical & Effective Ways to Make Your Organization “Green” (1 hr.)

Learn how to improve your bottom line through sustainable business practices. ISTC experts will discuss what it means to be green, how your organization can reduce material & energy waste, and how going green cuts costs. Participants also will receive a listing of available resources to help your organization.

Industrial Energy Efficiency (8 hrs.)

In two instructional sessions, Todd Rusk will present a practical introduction to industrial energy efficiency.   Participants will be able to identify common opportunities for reducing electricity and natural gas usage and to calculate the associated energy and cost savings.  Explore the opportunities for improvement in your workplace with an interactive exercise that maps process energy and building energy flows in participants' facilities.  Specific topics include


Green Industrial Performance through Waste Minimization (4 hrs.)

Improve your industrial competitiveness through better materials use. Participants will learn how to identify process losses and potential efficiency improvements in packaging, industrial parts and facilities cleaning, fluids purification, water use minimization and purification, and construction activities. Specific topics include best practices and technologies to improve performance through waste minimization, pollution prevention, recycling, green process development, activity based cost accounting, and improving the value of by-products.


Go Green and Save Money: Fiscally Sound Green Business Practices (4 hrs.)

Save money and improve your organization's environmental performance through green business practices. Specific topics include: greening the office, green purchasing, activity based cost accounting, greening the supply chain, recycling, and green cleaning/janitorial practices. Energy efficiency opportunities associated with common office functions, such as heating/air conditioning, electronic devices, appliances, and lighting will also be covered.


NEW WORKSHOP: Ways to “Green” Your Home (2 hrs.)

Learn how to save money on your energy bills and make your home more green. This workshop will cover the basics of home energy efficiency, buying with the environment in mind, greener cleaning, and other ways to make your life more environmentally friendly.


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